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Digital Service Design

To deliver great digital services organizations need to understand their customers’ journeys over time and across touchpoints.

oxd service design

Creating new and better service experiences by design.

Our service design methods uncover opportunities left undiscovered by traditional modes of research and help clients understand their users’ needs and wants.

But we don’t leave our clients at strategy and design. We also deliver—helping them build, launch, and sustain their digital services.

Government of Alberta
Children playing outside

Digital Service Design

Alberta Child Care Subsidy Modernization

Legal Aid BC
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Business Insights, Digital Service Design, Digital Transformation, Technology Consulting, Website Development

Legal Aid BC Digital Transformation Portfolio

​Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia
People reviewing the BC online divorce form on a laptop

Digital Service Design, Digital Transformation

Online Divorce Assistant Application

OXD staff and TELUS staff doing brainstorm

Digital Service Design

​TELUS Home Solutions Onboarding

​Transportation Investment Corporation
TReO tolling photo of bridge over water

Digital Service Design, Technology Consulting, Website Development

​TReO Tolling Website

​Honeywell Process Solutions
3D rendering image of Honeywell SmartLine product over blue

Digital Service Design, Website Development

​Honeywell SmartLine Application and Validation Tool

​The Pokémon Company International

Business Insights, Digital Service Design, Digital Transformation

​Pokémon Website Localization