We strive to offer meaningful, challenging work in a supportive environment where people can grow. 

We’re proud of the fact that our people stay for the long haul—some of them for more than two decades—having found a place where they feel listened-to, respected, and valued.

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By the numbers

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Average number of staff events in a year.

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Books in our ever-expanding shared library.

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Number of bike parking spots in our office.

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Hours spent on learning and professional development in a year.

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Number of languages spoken by OXD staff.

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Pounds of organic groceries delivered to the office every week.

Our values

We are curious.

Before we ask what, we ask why.

We do great work.

Detail and quality matter to us.

We are human-centric.

We create better outcomes by understanding the needs of others.

We are kind.

We are thoughtful and consider our impact on others.

We play as a team.

We make life better for those around us.

We evolve.

We grow in small, deliberate steps.

What we offer

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Fair and competitive wages.

We're committed to competitive and equitable pay because we value the skills and experience people bring to their work.

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Great extended benefits.

Our extended benefits package fills the gaps so staff can feel good, stay healthy, and access the care they need.

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Overtime pay.

We strive to keep overtime to a minimum, but when it’s required, staff are paid for their time.

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Flexibility for the way you work and live.

Vancouver-based staff choose from either fully onsite, fully remote, or a hybrid of both. We also have staff working remotely all across Canada.

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Opportunities to learn and grow.

Everybody gets an education budget that can be put towards conferences, courses, workshops, and other professional development opportunities.

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A fun, celebratory environment.

Every month we take time to celebrate personal and professional milestones, as well as monthly staff events. Think: cooking classes, sporting events, and even amusement parks.

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All the (organic) snacks.

Pounds of organic groceries delivered to the office every week.

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Home office allowance.

All staff—remote or local—enjoy a quarterly home office allowance that they can use to buy whatever they need to be productive outside the office.

Great Place To Work Oxd

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