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Events, News

Gordon Ross invited to speak at Ministry of Attorney General Legal Services Branch

Gord will provide an introduction to the use of human-centred design methods in justice and how it’s applied by BC’s own Ministry of Attorney General.


OXD hosts webinar on design systems

Join us as we dive into the fundamentals of a design system.


Gordon Ross on Insights Panel at Civic Design 2022

Join Gordon Ross and other panelists as they reflect on key insights emerging from the themes of the three-day conference. 


Wil Arndt presents at the 2022 Seattle Interactive conference

Creative Director Wil Arndt, explores the concept of branding in the age of UX at the 2022 Seattle Interactive conference.


OXD hosts mapping webinar

Join us as we dive into the many journeys mapped throughout our work with the BC COVID-19 immunization project.


Wil Arndt hosts intranet redesign webinar for IntraTeam

Creative Director Wil Arndt, shares the story of redesigning the OXD and ThoughtFarmer shared intranet, step-by-step.


OXD creatives attend DesignThinkers VAN 2022 conference

OXD designers are ready to Defy. The expected.


Gordon Ross to present on COVID-19 response in government at Civic Design 2021

Join Gordon Ross as he reflects on his time spent with the British Columbia Government digital delivery network, working on the COVID-19 response over the first 12 months of the pandemic.