OXD hosts GBA+ workshop for BC Gov Design Community meetup

OXD’s service designers Jacqueline Antalik, Deb MacKenzie, and Amanda Chan are excited to facilitate a virtual GBA+ workshop at the November 30th BC Gov Design Community meetup. GBA+ is an analytical process you can apply to your work to assess how diverse groups of women, men, and non-binary people may experience policies, programs, and services. This is a great opportunity for us and the BC design community to share our wealth of experience, and explore the many ways we can bring GBA+ into our service design work.

In this online workshop, we’ll share and learn from others about processes and considerations that help in applying GBA+ during project design phases. We’ll also identify questions for future exploration on how GBA+ can be applied—these may be items that teams need to investigate within their own context, or potential items for the GBA+ community to provide further guidelines on.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone interested in designing public services and/or wanting to apply GBA+ to their work, including service designers, UX designers, and researchers, both within and outside the BC Government.

The group and events are open to anyone interested in design in the BC Public Service. If you’d like to attend the workshop, please visit this page and email the group organizers to be added, or register using this signup form.