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WCB launches MediConnect Beta

Developed by OpenRoad Communications and Karo Design, the Workers Compensation Board of BC has recently launched a beta version of MediConnect, an extranet application enabling physicians of BC to securely submit claim information to the WCB. This application is currently being used by a select group of physicians around BC and is scheduled for wider […]


JavaBeans stocking stuffer

Christmas dreams will be filled with thoughts of Programming JavaBeans 1.1, published by McGraw-Hill, now that it’s finally hit the bookstores. OpenRoad Communications’ President Darren Gibbons was a contributor, authoring two chapters.


E-commerce for Christmas

Shop the Shops, an e-commerce solutions provider, has recently launched several online stores including Benetton and Jeans North for the Christmas shopping season. OpenRoad Communications deployed this Site Server Commerce solution that includes real-time credit card transactions and order-processing management.


Karo and OpenRoad deploy MacMillan BloedelHR intranet application

OpenRoad Communications and Karo Design Resources recently deployed a benefits application for MacMillan Bloedel’s human resources department. This Intranet application allows employees at MacMillan Bloedel to calculate their benefits packages, from medical and dental to holiday time allotments.

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OpenRoad speaks on XML at VOLUG

Gordon Ross, Director, recently spoke on XML for the Vancouver Online Librarians User’s Group (VOLUG) at the Vancouver Public Library. VOLUG, an organization of more than 100 librarians and information professionals, was presented with an introduction to XML and its key strengths, covering its history and basic markup theory.


Creo awards OpenRoad extranet contract

Addressing the need for better management of deployed systems orders, CREO Products Inc. has contracted OpenRoad Communications to build a web-based tracking tool. This application will allow administrators to provide customer service representatives with current information on existing and upcoming changes for deployed systems.


OpenRoad and Karo announce joint venture

Karo Design Resources and OpenRoad Communications have now formally announced a joint venture that combines their expertise in Internet development and communication design. In the past year these two firms have quietly joined forces to provide the next wave in information technology solutions for an impressive list of some of BC’s largest corporations, including BC […]


OpenRoad launches Buy & Sell website

With over 150,000 users and nearly 500,000,000 ads served up since 1994, the Buy & Sell runs one of BC’s busiest websites. OpenRoad Communications (now OXD) rebuilt the Buy & Sell website from scratch, integrating their legacy ad taking system as well as their credit card payments, allowing users to pay for early access and […]