Design for Innovation at OXD

Our long term economic, social, and environmental well-being rely on being able to engage with increasingly complex problems. OXD believes the methods and mindset of Design for Innovation has the opportunity to improve how we live, work, and thrive in challenging times.

Design for Innovation in Education

Supporting the transformation of our educational systems through service design and innovation.

OXD seeks to grow and develop the next generation of educated citizens, using co-design and collaborative approaches to foster learning and help transform our educational systems.

Design for Innovation in Government

OXD helps governments transition from decision-making to future-making through design, charting a new course in complex, turbulent and uncertain times.

Design for Policy

OXD bridges the gap between policy making and policy implementation using the methods of design research, prototyping, and design fiction.

Design for Mobility

OXD cares about the future of mobility and public transportation, using service design to help people travel safely, quickly, and sustainably.

Design for Social Innovation

OXD helps communities learn and use human-centred design approaches to work together to create more socially cohesive and sustainable lives.

There aren’t enough expert designers to go around. We all need to tap into our natural design abilities to make positive changes towards sustainable futures.