Alberta’s child care certification process gets digitized

In continuation of digital modernization efforts with the Alberta government, OXD helped take the Early Childhood Educator Certification application process from paper to digital.

The new Alberta government digital child care certification application shown on an iPhone over a blue background

The new digital application form allows applicants to seamlessly move through the process while being able to upload any supporting documentation. They get instant confirmation that their form was submitted and instructions on what to expect next.

Previously, applicants who were hoping to become certified childhood educators had to find PDF forms online, print and fill them out, mail them back to the government office, and then wait to find out if their application was received. Once the certifications project staff received the paperwork, they would have to scan and upload all the supporting documents—which were stored in a different system from the applicant data—and then manually enter in all the applicant’s data to their legacy system.

With the new online process, data entry is greatly reduced and all the applicant data and supporting documents are stored in one place. 

Bringing the form into the modern age gives applicants peace-of-mind that their application was received (and not potentially lost in the mail). It also saves them, and the application processors, valuable time. Project staff get the added benefit of error reduction by not having to manually add data and locate scanned files.

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