Gordon Ross on Insights Panel at Civic Design 2022

Join Gordon Ross and other panelists as they reflect on key insights from themes of the Civic Design 2022 three-day conference. 

We’re pleased to announce that Gordon Ross joins the Insights Panel on day three of the Rosenfeld Media Civic Design 2022 conference. The virtual conference is November 16-18, 2022 and is for people who work in the intersection of design and the public sector. The event will explore one theme each day:

Day one: The Decade Cycle: 10 Years Back, 10 Years Forward

What have we learned from the last 10 years? And what do the next 10 look like? How do we continue to break down silos and institutionalize design?

Day two—Power Structures: Shifting How and By Whom Design Gets Done

How do civic designers navigate within their own organizations, communities, and field of practice to know when to employ the right methods? Where does design provide craft that is different from other types of expertise?

Day three—Physical Environments: Interactions Beyond Screens

We’ll examine the innovative strategies, tools, and technologies designers employ to pursue equitable, inclusive, and connected public spaces.

Gord and fellow panelists Sarah Auslander and George Aye, will discuss these themes with the presenters at the conference, reflecting on key insights that have emerged while posing critical questions to carry forward into the future.

Join Gord on November 18 for the virtual panel at Civic Design 2022. Use his discount code “ross-cd2022” for a $75 discount on a regular priced conference ticket.