Wil Arndt presents at the 2022 Seattle Interactive conference

Creative Director Wil Arndt, explores the concept of branding in the age of UX

OXD’s Creative Director Wil Arndt will present “Converge—Branding in the age of UX” at the 2022 Seattle Interactive conference.

Branding and identity can be frustratingly subjective. Wil shows how he and his team employed user experience methods—some established, some less traditional—to bring logic to a very emotional naming and rebranding process, whittle 3,839 potential names down to 1, and get everyone to agree and even love the result.

Anyone who works in strategy, branding, marketing, graphic design, research, user experience and all the possible overlaps of each will walk away with a tool kit of methods and approaches they can use to uncover insights, improve consensus, and harvest creative ideas from disparate groups.

Join Wil on Tuesday, October 25th as he explores branding in the age of UX.

The 2022 Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) is for all creatives and marketers to come together to celebrate “diverse ideas at the intersection of creativity, commerce and culture”.

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