British Columbia’s vaccine submission tool becomes more robust

During the pandemic, the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) of BC launched an online service that allowed British Columbians to update their COVID-19 vaccination records, or to submit COVID-19 vaccines received outside of BC. This tool was an important ally in the Provincial immunization plan. And due to its success, it revealed the additional need for BC residents and health care workers to be able to upload and keep track of any vaccine they'd received.

Working cross-functionally in an agile fashion with the PHSA team, we developed new user flows based on all possible scenarios vaccinated people might take. We worked closely with their data specialists and business analysts to simplify and align the form fields to what people using the tool needed. In collaboration with the Government Digital Experience (GDX) Content Design Team, we ensured the updated tool matched content and design across government websites. Using this information, we created design resources to capture requirements for the high-fidelity wireframes we built. We developed clickable wireframes for us to use to facilitate remote usability testing with people who used the digital service. After we completed usability testing, we updated the wireframes to include the feedback and needs of the users. The updated wireframes were used by PHSA’s internal development team to build and launch the online tool based on our findings.

Blue background with a mock computer monitor and mobile phone showing a screen example of the high-fidelity wireframe of the BC vaccine submission tool
Screen example of the high-fidelity wireframe of the BC vaccine submission tool

People in BC can use Health Gateway to see their immunizations from the Provincial Immunization Registry. If any of their immunizations are missing or need to be changed, they can use the online form. After review by a healthcare professional, their record is updated, and the changes will then show in Health Gateway.

The digitization of vaccine records means BC residents and health care workers get an improved service experience. They can now manage immunization records in one convenient place.

Learn more about the work we've done on helping improve the digital experience for residents of BC during the pandemic, including our collaboration with the federal government of Canada and Canadian Digital Service (CDS) for the COVID Alert mobile app.