Recent additions to the ThoughtFarmer team

Ever wonder what it takes to develop and maintain vibrant software that powers workplaces around the world? Just ask one of our three new additions to the ThoughtFarmer team.

Three new OXD employees standing outside of the office
Back row: Mina Abdelsayed. Front row, from left to right: Hollie Hodge & Graham Small.

Mina Abdelsayed, Technical Support Specialist

Our ThoughtFarmer clients will recognize Mina as the kind and helpful voice behind their troubleshooting calls. Having joined the team about a year ago, Mina is our new-ish technical support specialist. As a technical support specialist, Mina’s goal is to provide assistance for our clients and maintain ThoughtFarmer’s 99% client support satisfaction rating. This includes responding to support requests and performing installations and upgrades.

Mina has a degree in computer engineering, with a software designation from UBC. While most of his training has been in coding, he says he prefers support roles over being a developer. “As fun as developing code is, I love the challenge of trying to figure out what’s going on,” said Mina. “No two tickets are the same. It’s like a ‘deadlift for the brain’, always starting from the bottom and having to pick it up”.

Hollie Hodge, Customer Success Coordinator

Hollie is ThoughtFarmer’s customer success coordinator. As soon as she walks into the office her top priority is helping our customers launch successful intranets. Hollie is involved in every stage of the process, lending a hand with installation, onboarding, and post-launch activities that facilitate continuous growth.

Over the last ten years, Hollie has held various customer service roles in the hospitality industry. She says her experience at organizations like Fairmont, Earls, and now ThoughtFarmer, have taught her that empathy and understanding are the keys to delivering positive experiences. As she continues to work with the Customer Success team, she says she learns more and more every day about how to build and maintain relationships with our amazing clients.

Graham Small, Software Developer

Graham is the newest member of the ThoughtFarmer team! As a software developer, he works tirelessly alongside the group to create innovative solutions that move the dial on our intranet product.

Coming from a project based background in a large organization, Graham says what he likes most about working for ThoughtFarmer (next to the fun and friendly people) is being able to work on all aspects of the product. Graham says, “Since I’ve started the biggest lesson I’ve learned is how highly evolved and complex the software architecture is behind single page web applications”. He enjoys being able to work on ThoughtFarmer with a talented group of people in a continuous build environment.

Welcome, everyone!

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