Gordon Ross talks Service Design, this time in London!

Gordon Ross of OXD speaking about service design at the In FLUX conference in Toronto, ON

Gordon Ross, Vice President of OpenRoad, is venturing out on another road trip to speak about service design. In December, he travelled to Toronto to speak at Canada’s first service design conference: IN FLUX. This time, Gordon has been invited to present at the fourth annual Service Design in Government conference on March 8th in London, England!

Gordon will Comic of Gordon Ross of OXD and Kevin Conn of BC Ministry of Justice speaking about service designtalk about how BC's Ministry of Justice approaches practical reform and access to justice through designing and delivering better services for citizens, partners, and professionals alike.

Organized by Software Acumen, Service Design in Government is a "hands-on, practical service design conference that allows participants to connect and learn from their peers and leaders in the industry". We’re excited to share our work, and show attendees in England how the participatory and experimental methods of service design are being used across BC's Courts.

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