OpenRoad wins W³ Award for Product Design

A high-stakes redesign for a core business asset gets some nice recognition from the design community.

ThoughtFarmer has been selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts as a 2016 W³ Award recipient in the category Websites: Web Applications/Services.

OpenRoad’s design team worked closely with the folks at ThoughtFarmer* to completely overhaul the user interface of the well-established social intranet product. The latest and biggest release to-date reflects a ground-up redesign that dramatically enhances the usability of the software while fully-supporting existing users. We’re proud of the user-centric improvements and small innovations that were built into the product as a result of this unique collaboration.

ThoughtFarmer makes software that powers the intranets of companies around the world. Hundreds of customers from financial services, government, and manufacturing industries, like ACCA, ACCA, and Fokker use ThoughtFarmer to improve their internal communications and collaboration.

Have a look at the evolution of ThoughtFarmer from release 7.0 (on the left) to the more modern and vibrant release 8.0 (right).

Comparison of ThoughtFarmer and Pacific Credit Union website hompages on desktop
Before and after: ThoughtFarmer intranet homepage.

Comparison of ThoughtFarmer and Pacific Credit Union desktop website's group member view
Before and after: Group collaboration features in ThoughtFarmer.
Compairson of ThoughtFarmer and Pacific Credit Union desktop website's calendar event views
Before and after: ThoughtFarmer’s robust calendar tool.

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* Full disclosure: ThoughtFarmer is the sister company of OXD.