Helping youth impacted by divorce

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OpenRoad’s recent design for social innovation work gets some early recognition.

In 2016, the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab—a group of volunteers, lawyers, counsellors, and mediators—approached OpenRoad to help them better understand the experience of youth going through divorce with the hope of influencing change within the justice system.

And we’re proud to see the Provincial Court of British Columbia—our home province—recognize the potential of this new approach to justice reform.

Engaging youth with design research

Working closely with the Lab team, we facilitated a discovery workshop with young people using Cognitive Edge narrative and sensemaking methods. With the project currently in the discovery phase, the Lab is moving from their high-level mandate down into the specifics of the initiative, working to involve successively more justice sector stakeholders.

Why does this matter?

Regardless of the industry or sector our clients are in, their issues often sound similar: Our clients want to know that they’re designing the right solution, the one that will make the biggest impact, while using the limited resources they have.


They begin by finding out what problems their audiences are actually experiencing. That’s where OpenRoad can add value. We draw from our growing toolkit of design research methods to deeply understand—and connect with—the people who use our client’s services. We find out what matters most to users so that we build solutions that work for those who need it most.

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