Courthouse Libraries BC partners with OXD to continue improving access to justice

Courthouse Libraries BC (CLBC) partnered with OXD to incorporate digital trust technology into the CLBC website. Digital trust allows users to access CLBC’s online resources using their digital Law Society of BC credentials along with the BC Wallet application, without the need to create a specific CLBC online user account. This ensures the highest levels of security and privacy while allowing easy and efficient access to protected resources.

OXD worked with the CLBC team to create a high-level plan for architecting and implementing the solution on their existing website. In collaboration with the BC Government’s Digital Trust team, we developed a proof of concept to validate the compatibility between the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) and digital credentials. Findings from this work allowed us to validate the Law Society of BC digital credentials with the CMS using the OpenID Connect standard. Our development team then customized an authentication module on the CMS to ensure that no personal information is collected as part of this digital trust flow.

End-to-end functional testing with the BC Wallet application was performed by our Quality Assurance team, while CLBC conducted user acceptance testing with active digital credentials.

This is another step towards improving access to digital resources for BC lawyers.