Wil Arndt condensed a year of design school into 15 minutes—here’s what happened…

When Wil Arndt, the Creative Director at OXD, took the stage for the “Extreme Makeover: Internal Comms Edition” webinar, attendees didn’t know they were in for a crash course that would rival a year at design school. Hosted on March 27th as part of the webinar series by our sister company, ThoughtFarmer, this session was a goldmine for communications professionals seeking a fresh angle for their internal comms.

In just 45 minutes, Wil unpacked actionable insights and strategies to inject new life into stale internal communications. This webinar was tailor-made for those feeling their well-crafted messages were just blending into the background, unnoticed.

Key takeaways Included:

  • The fine line between art and design: Art lets ideas flow without restraint, whereas design is all about intentionality, prioritizing clear communication and usability. The wrong design choices can muddle your message.
  • Prioritizing substance over style: Engaging content must be valuable first, visually appealing second. Ensuring your messages are informative and meet your audience’s needs is crucial, with design elements serving to underscore your content’s clarity.
  • The dynamic duo of readability and legibility: Capturing and maintaining attention demands content that is both easy to read and visually accessible. Consistent use of style guides can help your messages stay accessible and engaging.
  • Understanding tables and spreadsheets: Each has its role; spreadsheets are for analyzing data, while tables organize data for clarity and direct focus to key insights.

Attendees also learned about the unexpected role kittens can play in teaching us about effective internal communications, adding a touch of whimsy to the serious business of design principles.

The webinar wasn’t just a lecture; it was an invitation to access a breadth of resources tailored to help anyone pick, plan, and perfect their new intranet.

Catch up on what you missed: The recording is available alongside the presentation deck and a host of valuable resources on the ThoughtFarmer website.