OXD Designers share their thoughts on 2022 Design Trends

The talented Designers on the OXD Creative team love to talk trends almost as much as they love to talk design. Putting these two topics together, we asked Caitlin and Shirley to share their thoughts on design trends to watch out for in 2022.

Caitlin Aboud 

Caitlin dives into where she thinks design, fashion, and culture will be going in 2022 in this short video.

Shirley Zhou

Here’s what’s in and what’s out in 2022, in Shirley’s own words.

In for 2022: inktrap typefaces for web

I’ve been seeing inktrap typefaces used a lot on Swiss inspired sites in place of more traditional Grotesque typefaces. Inktrap typefaces remain quite legible at smaller sizes. At large sizes, they shine even more. Typefaces like Neue Machina have a similar quality to monospace that makes it a great choice for futuristic visuals. 

Inktrap typefaces are really unique and feel futuristic, yet somehow nostalgic.

—Shirley Zhou, Designer at OXD

I think it will continue to grow as a trend because people who love minimalism but want a bit more visual interest can easily adopt inktrap typefaces. With the re-emergence of maximalism—which in the arts means an aesthetic of excess (see Caitlin’s video!)—and brutalist web design styles, I think inktrap typefaces will play a big part.

“In its ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy, Brutalism can be seen as a reaction by a younger generation to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of today's web design.”

Brutalist Websites

Out for 2022: small type

Accessibility has become an important consideration when designing for websites, especially when it comes to type sizes. Gone are the days when people will tolerate squinting their eyes at tiny fonts. People are demanding design that represents inclusivity, as well as messaging that is bold and authentic. As such, I predict that the use of small type sizes that were once thought to be refined and elegant will go out the door. We should expect to see larger, more screen-friendly type sizes that help deliver succinct, direct messaging to a more diverse audience.

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