OXD’s UX team to host workshop at Magnify Conference

User experience team members Jacqueline Antalik, Deborah MacKenzie, Winnie Ho, and Gordon Ross are hosting a workshop, “Exploring the past and potential futures of inclusive design”, at the inaugural Magnify—the Inclusive Design and Research Conference. On October 13, 2021 they'll work collaboratively with participants to explore their collective understanding of the past and envision possible futures of inclusive design.

Through inclusive design & research we can work towards equity, elevate voices, challenge power, and enable social justice.

—Magnify Conference

One of the most difficult challenges in moving towards more inclusivity in design is understanding the future state that we’re trying to achieve and how our past experiences influence that future vision. What are we aiming for? What should the world look like as a result of our efforts? What unintentional consequences do we want to stay away from? The answer is different for everyone and there’s much that can be gained from sharing our different visions, hopes, and fears for the future. 

This strategic planning workshop using the Future Backwards methods, developed by Cognitive Edge, will help to highlight and compare the range of perspectives a group of people can take in understanding their past, and the possibilities of their future in inclusive design.

During the workshop, participants will work in groups led by our experienced OXD team to:

  • Describe the current state of inclusive design
  • Identify significant past events that have led us to our current state
  • Describe “impossibly good” and “impossibly bad” futures
  • Connect these futures to the past through a sequence of events and actions
  • Share output and compare the differing views

Our facilitators will capture the workshop outputs and provide themes and reflections back to participants post-workshop.

The Magnify conference was created from a surge of inspiration when seeing so many talented people practicing inclusive design practices daily across the globe.

To get more information and to register, visit the Magnify Conference website.