Collaborative design research results in a better experience for FortisBC customers

Image of the Find a Contractor home page for FortisBC collaborative design project
Home page of the "Find a Contractor" tool

We partnered with FortisBC to conduct design research related to integrating new vendors, distributors, and point of sale partners into OXD worked with FortisBC to conduct design research related to integrating commercial equipment suppliers—vendors, distributors, wholesalers, and point of sale partners—into their Find a Contractor application. The application is a directory that helps residential and commercial customers find natural gas and electrical contractors. FortisBC wanted to expand the “Find a Contractor” application to allow commercial customers to find commercial natural gas and equipment suppliers, including those that offer rebates at the point of sale, in the most user-friendly way.

Conceptual flow chart illustration for collaborative design research

Through a collaborative design session OXD UX Designers helped uncover the needs of FortisBC stakeholders, including commercial equipment suppliers, point of sale partners, and both residential and commercial customers.

The analysis findings shaped a user-centred strategy for offering the new content to commercial customers. Our research-driven wireframes helped FortisBC validate the enhancements with commercial customers, giving them confidence in their business decisions.

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