An end-to-end modern digital approach to BCI’s new client-focused portal

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) worked with OXD to develop a new client portal. Our end-to-end modern digital approach used practices like user experience design, Agile, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. The modernized and client-focused portal provides BCI clients with a more efficient, engaging, and interactive experience. 

The new portal creates internal benefits for BCI as it supports improved efficiencies in workflows, material distribution, and communication with their clients. It also provides a feedback loop for continuous improvement of the portal via user analytics. 

BCI client portal shown on a laptop against a teal blue background

Working this way, BCI has had the opportunity to introduce modern design and development methods into their organization. In particular, this project demonstrated how they could both increase the speed of product delivery and business value by building new technical capabilities.

Before we began building the working portal, we conducted interviews and workshops with BCI stakeholders and clients to understand user needs, behaviours, attitudes, key tasks, timelines, and triggers for interacting with a new and improved client portal. 

By using the insight gained from our research, we created a new client-centric Information Architecture for the portal and clickable prototypes that demonstrated an improvement to the flow and availability of information. 

Our development team built a working, accessible version of the digital service using standards-compliant code, continuous deployment, and Agile methods. Working with their internal IT and Security teams, we developed a technical architecture suitable for their internal hosting infrastructure and high security requirements, while still being flexible enough to migrate onto their new cloud environments with ease.  

Our team is continuing to work with BCI to further improve and enhance their client portal, continuing to take an Agile approach to feature design and development. 

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