Gordon Ross to explore how power works inside of organizations at the Global Service Design Conference

How does power really work during service design initiatives? Gordon Ross to explore this question and others next month in Toronto.

We’re excited to share that Gordon Ross will be speaking at the upcoming Global Service Design Conference hosted by the Service Design Network. Gordon’s talk will explore how power works in a service design context. He’ll share on how to recognize the way power works within organizations, while helping service designers understanding their own roles. Gordon will also draw on theory from Manuel Castells, Bent Flyvbjerg, and others.

The Service Design Global Conference will be hosted at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto October 10-11. The event will be an opportunity to hear from speakers around the world and will offer a space to celebrate all that is new and noteworthy within the practice of service design. This year’s theme, Building Bridges, will explore how service design builds bridges to design and deliver a smarter, happier future for everyone.

The Service Design Network was established in 2004 to strengthen the theory and practice of service design. Create space for members to share ideas, gain knowledge, and access new tools. There are currently 46 chapters around the world.