Gordon Ross talks Service Design in Toronto

Gordon Ross talks Service Design

We’re happy to announce that Gordon Ross, Vice President of OpenRoad, has been invited to speak at Canada’s first service design conference: In FLUX on December 1, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario.

We’ve contributed to a number of Ministry of Justice service design initiatives, including projects focused on electronic filing at the Court of Appeal, accessing court audio and transcripts, and the citizen experience of filing a divorce in BC. And now we’re pleased to have the opportunity to speak about some of this important work—projects that support our vision of delivering humane, citizen-centred government services through design.

Practicing service design in the public sector in Canada and creating 21st century government services comes with its challenges: limited resources and budgets, risk-averse organizational cultures, and the varying and diverse needs of the citizens. Practicing service design in the Justice sector adds even more complexity and stakeholders to the mix: Judges, lawyers, and the law that guides and constrains them.

Gordon will be co-presenting with Kevin Conn, Director, Court Innovation, Ministry of Justice. Together they’ll talk about how BC's Ministry of Justice approached practical reform and access to justice through designing and delivering better services for citizens, partners, and professionals alike. Attendees will learn how the participatory and experimental methods of service design are being used across BC's Courts in a number of projects to improve experiences and deliver on timely and balanced justice, changing minds and attitudes along the way.

Presented by Rotman DesignWorks and Service Design Network Canada, In FLUX recognizes that products of the past are quickly being replaced by the services of the future, requiring new hybrid skills for managing people and resources.

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