Using games to inspire kids’ interest in art

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Great clients can inspire great ideas. The Vancouver Biennale inspires the public by bringing important sculptures from around the world to Vancouver. The bi-yearly exhibition enriches public spaces and engages schools through a variety of programs.

When the Biennale wanted to reach children aged 8 to 10, they turned to mod7 to help develop a game for understanding. They wanted children to engage with the sculptures to: learn about the artist, learn about the materials, and learn about the ideas and inspiration behind a particular sculpture.


The result was the K-Crew Detectives : a tongue-in-cheek, story-driven game that allowed children to find "clues" about a particular artwork that had been stolen and then synthesize a solution to help police catch the thief.

Once the game was completed, children were presented with a bonus mission that encouraged them to visit the actual sculptures (with their parents) and collect real-world clues. Those that completed the bonus mission were able to redeem their solution for a free poster of the game's world.