Nesta deploys ThoughtFarmer intranet

NESTA is the UK's National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. Backed by a £300m endowment, NESTA is devoted exclusively to supporting talent, innovation and creativity in the UK. They invest in early stage companies, inform innovation policy and encourage a culture that helps innovation to flourish.

In April 2007, NESTA deployed OpenRoad's enterprise collaboration software, ThoughtFarmer for their intranet. Research and policy staff throughout NESTA's organization use ThoughtFarmer for communications and knowledge sharing. ThoughtFarmer is part of NESTA's Enterprise 2.0 collaboration strategy, which has integrated ThoughtFarmer with a suite of other Enterprise 2.0 applications, including BaseCamp, Central Desktop, Community Server,, Diigo, Feedburner, TypePad and Wufoo.