OpenRoad wins Ministry of Transportation project

OpenRoad was recently awarded the contract to develop an e-service for the Ministry of Transportation. The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement division's Safety Certificate Application will allow for commercial vehicle operators from across BC to apply for their National Safety Code (NSC) certificate through a secure website.

The NSC program is a set of national standards that establishes management and safety performance requirements for commercial vehicle carriers. The objectives of the new e-service are to improve customer service by helping commercial vehicle operators submit accurate and complete information, as well as accelerating the turnaround time of the certificate process.

OpenRoad will be building the NSC application using Ministry standard Java/Oracle technologies, implementing web services to transact with the Ministry mainframe, and utilizing the government standard e-commerce payment gateway BC Express Pay.

The NSC application is scheduled to launch in late 2007.

OpenRoad previously worked with the Ministry of Transportation's NSC program to develop the Carrier Profile Online application.