Work/Life Balance: Empty Promise or Key to Happiness?

This upcoming Thursday (November 23rd), Wil Arndt (Mod7) and myself will be moderating a panel discussion with other local interactive design types at the Vancouver Film School on behalf of New Media BC.

Entitled, "Work/Life Balance: Empty Promise or Key to Happiness?" we're hoping to tackle some of the hot topics on where stress is coming from in many of our lives, issues like work cultures, increased workloads, role overload, communications technology, and try to get some insights into tactics for managing the complexities of modern life.

Join us for a round-table discussion with top-notch service professionals from Vancouver as we dive into what "balance" means, share personal experiences, and explore the many sides of this issue. Whether you're a design student, an employee struggling to balance a career and a family, or a seasoned pro, this is a critical issue for all new media professionals working within today's highly competitive market.

Co-moderators Wil Arndt and Gordon Ross (Vice President, OpenRoad) facilitate a cross-industry panel, including Stephen Beck (Principal, Engine Digital), Eric Karjaluoto (Principal, smashLAB), Anson Lee (Principal, Karo Design), Robert Ouimet (Partner, At Large Media), Lisa Vogt (Managing Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP), and Jeremy Thorp (Electronic Media Instructor and Designer).

Things get going from 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. with some pre-event networking, then we'll start the discussion. Register with NMBC and join Wil, myself, and the panel as we go on a quest for the ever-illusive balanced lifestyle.