Adrianne Tung

Adrianne Tung

QA Engineer

As a QA Engineer at OXD, Adrianne collaborates with developers, designers, and project managers to understand project requirements throughout the project lifecycle. She helps ensure applications are free of defects and function in alignment with client requirements.

Before joining OXD, Adrianne was the QA analyst at a casino game company where she led testing for their mobile and web-based game application.

Adrianne has a degree in Cognitive Systems from the University of British Columbia. She first learned about quality assurance through software development courses she was enrolled in during her undergraduate years. These courses sparked her interest in QA’s interconnected role in the software development lifecycle.

Adrianne enjoys a good latte, and when she’s not working you can find her in local coffee shops around Vancouver in search of the best one. She also loves experimenting in the kitchen with cooking and baking, and going for hikes in the summer months.

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