Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter expert (SME) interviews are a key qualitative research method in user experience (UX) design, where insights and deep knowledge are gathered from individuals with significant expertise in a relevant area. These experts, who can be either internal decision-makers or external professionals, offer invaluable understanding into user needs, business objectives, technical limitations, and the competitive environment. The aim is to leverage their specialized knowledge to inform and improve the design process, ensuring that solutions are both user-centred and aligned with business goals.

Through structured or semi-structured interviews, UX researchers and designers use SMEs to understand complex domains, validate assumptions, identify user pain points, gather project requirements, and explore potential design solutions. This method ensures that the design process is grounded in expert insights, enhancing the usability, relevance, and effectiveness of the final product or service. SME interviews are essential for crafting skillful designs that meet user needs while balancing technical feasibility and business objectives.

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