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Pie charts representing diversity in GBA+ data analysis

How you can use GBA+ for inclusive analysis in projects

Director of User Experience Jacqueline Antalik discusses the benefits of Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)—a tool that helps you see how different genders and diverse people experience policies, programs, and services.

R00 OXD Compensate Research Participants Insight Assets Hero V01 ST

Should you compensate research participants?

OXD UX Designer Hitomi Yokota explores the question, “Should we compensate research participants?” We believe it’s not only essential, but also an ethical requirement.

R00 OXD Design Research With Compassion Insight Assets Thumbnail Tall V00 ST

How to conduct design research with compassion

In the wake of personal tragedy, designer Jacqueline Antalik practices deeper patience and compassion for research participants.

R01 OXD Insights Thumb How To Broaden Your Reach KB V00

How to broaden your reach and reduce participant barriers with remote user research

UX Designer Winnie Ho shares how we worked out some of the kinks encountered with remote user research and virtual engagement.

R01 OXD Insights Thumb Indigenization KB V00

The Indigenization of policies and services in BC: lessons from Te Ao Māori

Reflections on working in the public sector and how British Columbia can move towards the systemic Indigenization of policies and services.

R01 OXD Insights Thumb Redo PIA Blog Post KB V00

Navigating the PIA process in the BC provincial government

An OXD Service Designer reflects on their experience working with the BC Government and offers six tips to make your privacy impact assessment process easier to navigate.