Dr Pepper: Every Bottle Cap Wins promotion

Redefining how digital promotions work.

In the fall of 2009, Electronic Arts (EA) approached OXD with a new project based on a marketing partnership between EA and Dr Pepper. This new promotion would allow consumers to take coupon codes from Dr Pepper bottles and fountain drinks then redeem digital goods—add-ons for their players inside EA games. Launch titles would include Spore, SIMS 3, Mass Effect 2, Battlefield Heroes, and more.

Collaborating across nine teams

One of the biggest challenges on this project was coordinating between all team members. With many different parties involved—Dr Pepper, EA, two visual design agencies, a branding firm, a coupon redemption and support team, as well as the internal game teams at EA—ensuring cross-team communication and coordination was a major challenge. To increase the complexity, the project was under a very tight timeline, with a fixed launch date tied to the release of 500 million coupon codes at Dr Pepper retail outlets throughout the USA.

Using SCRUM to manage with complexity

To mitigate risk, the project was developed using the SCRUM methodology, with regular releases every two weeks focusing on high-risk integration areas first. The promotion was very successful and is regarded as one of EA’s most successful partnerships both internally and by the industry.

This project won a Bronze 2010 Horizon Interactive Award in the Integrated Marketing category.

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