UBC Extended Learning redesign bridges the gap between education and life

The University of British Columbia's Extended Learning website (UBC ExL) offers flexible learning opportunities to lifelong learners globally, combining excellence in teaching, academics, and research. Ranked among the top universities in the world, UBC ExL focuses on personal and professional growth, delivering a variety of online and blended courses to meet the needs of learners at all stages of life.

The UBC ExL site is vital for communicating offerings to the external community, prospective students, and faculty partners. The original site, with over 350 sections and an outdated registration system, no longer met business needs.

The UBC ExL team partnered with OXD to create a new responsive e-commerce Drupal website. We began with a discovery phase to understand user needs through journey mapping workshops, competitive analysis, content audit, and technology review. These findings informed our project goals and service outcomes.

During the redesign, we reimagined the information architecture using content analysis, card sorting, and task testing. Our user experience team developed intuitive page flows and wireframes, while our creative team ensured the design aligned with functionality. Usability testing was conducted to resolve any performance issues.

Left: tablet mockup showing the home page of the new UBC ExL website; right: browser mockup of home page.

OXD’s redesign of the UBC Extended Learning site addressed critical pain points, transforming it into a dynamic, easy-to-navigate, and functional resource for all users.

Check out the new website.

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