Modernizing the DriveBC website to deliver a better experience for drivers

Enhanced mapping capabilities have become commonplace and expected in consumer applications, and the government is making strides to adopt these innovations as well. is a vital travel information hub for drivers in British Columbia (BC), but the site needed a major overhaul. Working with OXD and using Agile development principles, the new and improved data-driven DriveBC beta website launched on May 28, 2024. 

The innovative redesign includes many benefits for drivers, including BC-centric features that provide a better experience than some of the consumer mapping apps.

DriveBC users can plan their next road trip using:

  • The responsive map that acts as travellers’ command center
  • Clear information of road closures and delays
  • Up-to-date weather and road conditions
  • Information from real-time issue advisories and alerts
  • Customizable filters that automatically adjust and update along planned route

The transformative improvements at DriveBC aren't only benefiting the users of the system. Those who run and manage DriveBC are also experiencing significant advantages. The redesigned content management system (CMS) enables the DriveBC team to make announcements, issue advisories, and draw critical zones on the map independently of developers, enhancing the speed and efficiency of updates. The site architecture seamlessly integrates data, ensuring unmatched reliability and resiliency, making it future-proof.

An Agile development approach lets us continue the work, with more improvements on the way even as the application is in use. Stay tuned for saving favourite cameras and routes and even more advanced route planning to provide a satisfying and seamless experience for users.

I was looking at the DriveBC map again and it’s so awesome! As someone who drives across BC a lot in the summer, I really appreciate it!

Darcie Meyer, Manager, Reservation Services, BC Parks

OXD's expertise working Agile has modernized DriveBC from within. Our partnership showcases how prioritizing users, embracing flexibility, and strategic planning can converge in a transformative website experience. You can learn more about all phases of the project through product director Russel Lolacher's “The Digital Road Ahead” on LinkedIn.

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