Jim Peers a panelist for Testing Trends 2024

On January 23, our QA Manager, Jim Peers, was a panelist for “Testing Trends 2024”, an event hosted by the yvrTesting Meetup community.

Jim, along with panelists Snehal Lohar, Karen Nakagawa, and moderated by Mike Hrycyk, had an interactive discussion about what trends are new for this year, and what past trends are showing a resurgence.

Topics included:

  • Accessibility in BC: Is this the year when it becomes important?
  • AI and Machine Learning: What’s going to happen with these and testing this year? What are you going to do?
  • DevOps: Is it going to evolve this year? Where are the improvements going to come from?
  • Security: Will life change for your average tester with regards to security?
  • Automation: What’s the new tool that everyone’s going to talk about this year?
  • Project methodology: Any big changes coming? Will it ever change?
  • Training: What topics are on your radar this year?

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