Enhancing outdoor adventures: BC Parks and OXD relaunch BCParks.ca

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers in British Columbia (BC) have a reason to celebrate: the newly revamped BCParks.ca website is now live thanks to the collaborative effort between BC Parks and OXD. 

BC Parks embarked on the website redesign project to enhance the accessibility and enjoyment of BC’s incredible natural landscapes. OXD was tasked with helping transition the BC Parks website from a beta version to a fully functional production site. This required a significant content migration and website cutover effort before the official launch.

Working closely with the BC Parks Information Services team, our User Experience (UX) team guided the audit and transfer of thousands of content pages. Our developers refined the site's architecture, employing automated processes to efficiently migrate valuable content. This collaborative effort ensured a seamless transition from beta to the live version.

The previous content management system (CMS) posed functional and usability challenges for the BC Parks team, complicating content updates. In response, we enhanced the CMS and staff portal's user experience and streamlined the process for updating site content. Swift updates are crucial for maintaining the site's relevance, trustworthiness, and accuracy.

Thanks to our integrated team's meticulous planning and execution, the BC Parks website launched successfully, just in time for the 2023 camping season. The improved CMS now offers a better digital experience, enabling users to easily access information on parks, trails, and camping opportunities.

Our commitment to enhancing the BCParks.ca website continues. In partnership with BC Parks's developers and operational staff, our UX team supports regular user research and usability testing. This ensures the new features and functionalities we’re designing meet user expectations, promoting continuous improvements to the user experience.

BCParks.ca website