Gordon Ross delves into the future of the energized workforce with PPEARL

Gordon Ross shares insights on re-humanizing the workforce with the 2021 PPEARL Re-Now webinar series.

Photo of zoom call 2021 PPEARL Re-Now webinar series panelists

We’re pleased to announce that Gordon Ross will be sharing insights on "Re-energizing and re-humanizing the workforce", with the PPEARL Re-Now webinar series. Research is showing that fatigue from the COVID-19 pandemic is a real problem for organizations. With this comes an opportunity to plan ways to re-energize workforces.

Leaders need to consider that growth on the digital front needs to be in tandem with creating “more human” work environments. But how do we do so in a remote or hybrid environment and within virtual teams? 

Gord, along with other international thought leaders, Charlotta Patrickson, Lauren Huntington, Michael Jenkins, and Mukta Arya will discuss this, and other ideas like leveraging technology to build a more human work environment while recovering from this crisis.

This event has past, but you can listen to the webinar recording through the PPEARL Re-Now website