Jacqueline Antalik to discuss using Agile for Good at Boston University’s 2021 Agile Conference

How OXD is using an Agile approach to design for good—our lessons learned and how we plan to move forward.

BU Agile Leading in a VUCA World photo with globe

We are honoured to speak at the BU Agile Innovation Lab 2021 Agile Conference: Leading in a VUCA World. Our Director of UX, Jacqueline Antalik, will share how an Agile mindset and practices pulled from Scrum, Kanban, and Lean helped us move from talk to action.

The killing of George Floyd last May—along with the subsequent protests against racial and social injustice around the world—deeply challenged OXD as an organization. We were already taking steps to support anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work and workplace practices, but knew there was much more we needed to do. We agreed that real, genuine action was required, and yet we were fearful of not getting it right. How do we understand and meaningfully address our part in perpetuating systemic racism? What does it mean to create an inclusive and anti-racist workplace environment? We realized this was a real opportunity for further change and action in our workplace.

To strategize and develop solutions, we implemented methods that we’ve always employed to tackle tough, complex problems: co-creation, experimentation, and Agile development. But while Agile helped us get started, we realized it may not be enough moving forward. Jacqueline will share some of the reflections and ideas we have around the gaps and how to address them. 

The Boston University Agile Innovation Lab is a resource for the Agile project management community. This year’s theme—Leading in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) World—features international think tanks, global leaders, and Agile practitioners discussing how we can move forward and thrive in uncertain times. 

The Agile conference will be hosted virtually this year, from January 12 to 14. Attendees include academics, Agile professionals, and anyone interested in learning a better way to deliver outcomes. Registration is open now.