BC Government launches Online Divorce Assistant Application

The government’s new digital divorce service improves access to justice for British Columbians.

BC Government's Online Divorce Assistant website application shown on laptop

Yesterday, the British Columbia Government announced the launch of the Online Divorce Assistant Application. The OpenRoad team is proud to have worked with the Ministry of the Attorney General to design and develop a digital service that pioneers the accessible and compassionate delivery of uncontested divorces in British Columbia.

Streamlining the filing process for uncontested divorce

For many British Columbians the legal fees associated with filing for divorce have been prohibitive. The Online Divorce Assistant Application reduces filing errors, removes financial barriers, and eliminates the additional stress of trying to navigate the legal system. Together, these things make it possible for British Columbians to correctly file for uncontested divorces without relying on a lawyer.

The Online Divorce Assistant Application guides users through the documentation for joint-filing divorces in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Until now the filing process has been complicated, time consuming, expensive, and error-prone. Unsuccessful efforts to navigate the system typically led to delays and required multiple visits to court registries. This new service however, walks users through a series of questions, then generates the correct paperwork in 15 to 30 minutes. The forms can then be printed, signed, and filed at a local court registry.

This project was completed collaboratively with the Ministry of Attorney General by OpenRoad’s Service Design, UX, and Development teams. The process included interviews and design research, prototyping, usability testing, and agile development.

BC Government's Online Divorce Assistant Application form shown on laptop

Improving access to justice

The Online Divorce Assistant Application is a great example of what’s possible when policy, service design, and agile development converge. The outcome is a government service that is more equitable and efficient for citizens, while reducing operational costs to government and courts administration.

The BC Government will use the Online Divorce Assistant Application as a framework for future development to increase and improve access to other government services in British Columbia. This initiative aligns with our vision of delivering humane, citizen-centred services to government and beyond. We’re proud to work with the BC Government in their effort to improve access to justice in British Columbia.

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