OpenRoad Communications wins two Horizon Interactive Awards

Distilling 20 takes Gold and Best in Category at the 2017 Awards.

OpenRoad Communications (now OXD) Wins Two Horizon Interactive Awards for 20 years website

OpenRoad is the proud winner of two Horizon Interactive Awards for Distilling 20: A History of OpenRoad, a campaign designed to celebrate OpenRoad’s 20th anniversary. For the 16th edition, judges reviewed more than 10,000 entries from around the world. Evaluation criteria included user experience, creativity, technical skill, message, and effectiveness.

Celebrating our history with the Horizon Interactive Awards

The first award was for a series of nine posters that tell the story of our company. In two decades OpenRoad has grown from a small web application shop to a thriving digital agency with more than 50 members. We're proud to be evolving, while still upholding the values on which the company was founded. These printed posters won Best In Category and are on display at our office.

Image of Framed Horizon Interactive Awards paper

Our second submission was an accompanying microsite, which features the same nine highlights. Our Creative and Development teams worked together to create a place for the posters to live online, while elaborating to tell the stories of our company’s defining moments. From the great clients and projects we’ve had the privilege of working on, to the time one dedicated employee ate fourteen cheeseburgers to defend our company's honour. This microsite won the Gold award in the Self-Promotion category.

OpenRoad wins Horizon Interactive Awards with 20 years website design

Together these works tell the story of our company, our culture, and the people who make it all possible. We're proud to have our design work recognized, while also celebrating our company's culture and history.

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