Meet our Front-End Developer, Foley!

We are very excited to welcome Foley Lynn as a front-end developer to the team. Foley brings over 15 years of digital communications experience to OpenRoad. He cultivated his expertise by splitting his time between agency work and running his own web development firm.

Foley, front-end developer for OpenRoad with this son
Foley with his adorable son Markus.

Over the last 15 years, Foley’s favourite project was working as the Lead Front-End Developer building the mobile web app for “The project moved quickly — and with no dedicated project manager, all team members became experts at communication. It was an exciting, fast-moving development environment that leveraged cutting-edge technology. It was a fantastic experience,” said Foley.

Tiipz was a simple market research platform designed for mobile devices. Users would answer questions, and vendors would offer rewards such as gifts or coupons. The app got picked up for pilot projects from big names such as Microsoft, the Calgary Flames and Coca-Cola.

Foley was responsible for gathering business requirements for feature requests, assessing the technical feasibility, then working with UX to define the feature, write it up and design it. Foley would then integrate the feature into the project, and the back-end developers would wire it.

Below are screenshots of a sample flow from the Tiipz mobile app.

Example of front-end developer work from Foley

Welcome to Openroad, Foley!