Technology news for judges: SCSS and WebCATS

The Canadian Judicial Council, an organization founded to promote efficiency and uniformity throughout the judicial system in Canada, has recently featured OpenRoad's legal applications: the Supreme Court Scheduling System (SCSS) and the Web-based Court of Appeal Tracking System (WebCATS). System features are highlighted, along with some of the challenges and solutions of these two unique and groundbreaking projects. OpenRoad deployed a highly collaborative user-centred design process in the delivery of both systems, which led to project success and increased efficiency within the Courts. Court of Appeal Registrar Jennifer Jordan writes,

"The entire Court of Appeal staff—both judicial and Court Services—were involved in designing this system. As a result of the development, users now have ready, one-stop access to all the information they need to do their jobs. Inquiries are easier to deal with and, because initial case information is easily and rapidly entered, the data stays current and searches are facilitated."