2018 Web Awards submission: Honeywell’s SmartLine configuration tool

OpenRoad worked with Honeywell to help them create the best possible digital experience for configuring and validating their new SmartLine device. When we first began the project, Honeywell’s customers were using a tedious, industry-standard process of spreadsheets and lookup tables to find model numbers. Through comparative and competitive research, technology prototyping, and user interviews, we were able to uncover insights that further informed the design and development of the tool. One of the challenges we encountered was that the standard mathematical modelling and simulation tools required by our client did not integrate well with responsive web design. To mitigate this we wrote a lightweight, JavaScript-based algorithm that was faster and more responsive than the industry standard. Our user interface was designed to keep distractions to a minimum, to not overwhelm the customer with the sheer number of options, and to inject some delight into the process with subtle animations, fast response times, and clean design elements. The online ordering tool we built for Honeywell is 3.6 times faster than than what preceded it. In a crowded industry of similar offerings, this tool helps Honeywell stand out.

Honeywell's SmartLine Application and Validation Tool homepage

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