Natalia Sabadysh

Natalia Sabadysh

Software Developer

As a Software Developer at OXD, Natalia brings React development skills to our client projects. She’s worked with international clients and government organizations across Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

If you asked Natalia what she’d do if money were no object, she’d answer, “I like IT and development, and would want to keep growing in those areas.”

Natalia graduated from the National Air Force University with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Power Systems. After learning English, she took courses in information technology, which kicked off her journey as a front-end developer. Volunteering as a mentor at one of Ukraine’s information technology schools helped Natalia discover how much she enjoys helping people learn about information technology and web development.

Natalia’s interests grow as she grows. She enjoys learning about psychology and nutrition. On weekends, Natalia is happiest when she’s active and spends her time playing tennis, going to the gym, cycling, hiking, and swimming. Originally from the Ukraine, Natalia spent a lot of time in Egypt scuba diving and snorkelling. Now located in Vancouver, she is looking forward to experiencing fresh adventures.

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